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Thread: How early do you go in for an interview?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokki balbotox View Post
    That last part... so be somewhat late?
    No, being on time is good. Just don't stress so much about it. Jobs are abundant. And even if they weren't, the mindset of abundance makes you more competent and confident. The mindset of scarcity makes you dumber and it's no fun. You need to believe that the world is full of opportunities so your creative brain can apply itself to discovering opportunities.

    Also I didnt know you've worked in a bakery, I'd love to hear about a typical day for you there
    I've worked in a few bakeries but this one was the nicest. I was the early morning pastry guy, so I would get there at like 3. I was living in North Seattle and it was a 10 mile bike ride to this place at that hour which was actually pretty awesome, going across the bridges and through downtown. Then spend the next few hours moving trays from the walk-in to the proofer to the oven to the rack, egg-washing the shit out of everything, just quick assembly line work. Eat a ham and gruyere croissant while smoking (I still smoked cigarettes back then and I was the only one there who did). Then I would make pastries and cakes. Lots of assembling pastries on trays to be baked the next day, lots of madeleines, lots of simple cakes. I didn't have to do any dough-laminating there which was nice, they had somebody who just did that. That's probably good because I would have fucked it up, I learned from an old Cambodian weirdo who was really bad at baking.
    I was the only dude pastry person, all the other pastry people were women and there were a bunch of dudes on the bread side and that place makes amazing bread. The same dude is still making it there after all this time. The bread team was hardcore, they would haul out these stacks of rubbermaid bins with dough inside and put down a bunch of flour and then start taking out the dough and slamming it on the table, like eight dudes in a circle around a table passing dough around and slamming it rhythmically, it was intimidating.

    I got fired for eating a tart. It was early, I was hungover, I was in the walk-in and took this delicious tart and ate it and right as I was biting into it the owner threw the door open and looked at me furiously. Probably because I was kind of in the habit of doing that and may have been spending too much time in there because the tarts took a minute to eat and I wasn't gonna walk around eating a tart or leave a partially eaten one sitting in the walk-in somewhere, so I was wolfing them down and... yeah. Those tarts were delicious and it was completely worth it. It was a 10 mile bike ride, how long was I really gonna work there?

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    You know what, if I got fired for eating there, it'd probably also be a tart. I haven't looked at Panera's pastries lately, but they used to have this apple tart that I loved. The bread guys sound really hot btw

    My old manager caught me eating a donut a couple months ago. I thought for sure I'd get fired or coached. He didn't do shit, thank god

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    I prefer to arrive at the interview location 30 minutes early and go in 15-20 minutes early.

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