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Thread: Things you can do with the data.

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    Things you can do with the data.

    So i imagine somewhere there is a storage device with the data that is the culmination of INTP Central. Well couldn't an algorithm that sought after certain vocabulary patterns within the data that has set parameters that were established by phrases that have been clinically observed to be that of certain personality types? So thinking along the lines of humanistic psychology type data analysis that could be applied to Industrial occupational psychology and the like. That being said it could be done on any forum. Would you need permission to use such data? Since its only being processed as data? Interesting things like the prevalence of mental illness in people who identify as intp. Or the prevalence of regressed personalities who believe they are but not.

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    Idk about all that but I've thought that it would be fun to scrape the site and see how big "qua" is in Ptah's word cloud

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    Shooting from the hip, I think it should fall under eh some sort of observational data from a public forum and shouldn't have any type of consent required/outlined in the terms of use, if that's what you were getting at. Obligatory idk though

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