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Thread: Do you like games?

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    Wink Do you like games?


    While I've never met you in real life I know you have an appearance.

    I'm curious what you look like in terms of height and weight so I can judge you.

    My height is 5' 10.75" tall and my weight is 207 lbs.

    From this and bmi indexing you may conclude I'm either fat or muscular?

    Which one is it? *shrug*

    Despite how fun it is to guess you just wouldn't know for sure without a description and/or a photo.

    You see how this works?

    So in this exercise I want all participants to post their height (yes again, like the other thread), weight, and just describe in what configuration your body weight is distributed. You may also include a photo of yourself or someone you wish to look like.

    Here's an example: Hi, I'm Jane Doe, my height is 5' 10" and my weight is 140 lbs and since I don't have a photo let's just say I have the body of a super model. I like to think I'm attractive because I'm not fat. I'm a high achiever and don't associate with anyone of color or with an annual income below 80k/year. Here's a photo of (some famous model).

    Here's another example: Hi, I'm Kisha Doe, my height is 5' 5" and my weight is 220 lbs and I don't own any photos of myself. I don't like to focus on myself because I'm not selfish. What's your excuse!?

    See how easy that is?

    The first person is obviously attractive because she said so and gave visual proof.

    The second person is obviously deflecting because they're on the heavier side, so most likely they're ugly. I would have concluded otherwise since they omitted that information from their response, but they wrongly included an photo of their real selves proving they're ugly.

    You get the point?

    With this information I plan to stratify people into categories based on how attractive they say they are.

    There will be two categories: attractive and ugly.

    After everyone is placed into a category I plan to use those people to create teams.

    Once there are a minimum of 5 people on each team we will play a game.

    The rules for the game are that each team will hurl insults at each other until one team folds.

    For example: Attractive team member says "Ew Tanisha, screw you in the face!!" Ugly team member says "Oh yeah, well." basically nothing because there's no comeback for such a devastating insult.

    The purpose of this game is to promote the importance of a carefully curated positive self image online so people will accept you.

    That's the first round of the game. In the second round of game I'd hope people will have caught on. If I find that there's only one big team of all attractive people then well will change the rules of the game. I divide up the group into two teams of attractive people and they will take turns complimenting each other to show how much smoother things go when you lie.

    I mean because what is attractive and ugly really? It's subjective. But in order to get on well around people on the internet you have to generate likability according to Eurocentric standards of beauty in order to be accepted.

    You may begin posting your responses.
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    I'm an endomorph
    5'5" 170 lbs

    Probably more like 165 now, considering less than 5 mins ago I liquidly shat out that Pizza Hut I thought was so good

    They must use really REAL cheese

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    5'4" (minus a quarter inch)


    When tyranny becomes law
    Rebellion becomes duty.

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    6'0" 185 but I look like a gross weirdo

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