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Thread: Think of a horse

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    I pictured a horse from Mount and Blade: Warband; a fine heavy Calradian warhorse, suitable for gearing up in full barding like a tank and running down peasants with a steel lance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sistamatic View Post
    Aside 2: I just realized I can visualize better with my eyes open than with them closed. Now wondering if that is typical.
    Random speculation: it's probably typical of most artists. Writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, composing, or fabricating all tend to involve keeping your eyes open and on your work as you attempt to represent what you envision. Sight isn't as necessary for writing or playing music, but nonetheless it comes in pretty goddamn handy--especially if you want to perform to your best ability.

    Obviously blind artists and artisans exist, but they'd probably be better and/or faster if they could see. I can accept the hypothesis there is some artistic expression that would come best and most true from a blind creator, something where their lack of sight allows for a unique perspective, but I also suspect much would be lost in translation for the sighted for the same reasons a sighted person couldn't make this hypothetical piece. I base this on the reputed difference in difficulty in learning tactile Braille between the sighted and the blind.
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