Earlier this year we decided to sell our house and move elsewhere. The DIY there was painting the interior along with the cabinets. White kitchen cabinets is a thing right now in the US. Also replaced the hardware and did some other minor fixes which I've forgotten by now. The house sold quick at a good price, thought that's mostly due to the market.

Moved to an 1940s adobe near a college that we had as a rental for our kids going to school. It needs a lot of work, bathrooms were moldy and leaked, kitchen and laundry were original and barely functional (1.5 feet of counter space in the kitchen for example). We're redoing both bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry and creating a master bedroom out of a hallway and small bedroom. Skilled craftsmen are in short supply and busy. So that's stretching out the remodel time quite a bit.

I'm leaving the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and tiling to the pros - we have done four or five tiling projects over the years and I'd just as soon not this time. But anywhere we can finish up - painting, caulking, trim, cabinet assembly, pulls etc, we do it. Last week we put up a section of bamboo fence and stained it. We're laying some stone paths in the front yard and other minor landscaping.

Last year we traveled. This year we're f'ing with houses. I hope we're back to traveling next year.