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Thread: Intellectual Humility

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith View Post
    How often do you find yourself thinking "this person is going to say another stupid thing" because in the past they did say or do something stupid? Are they always *that* stupid?
    My father and I were in a big box hardware store looking for a mulch that would meet my father's... particularness. Not an easy task. In the process of our search a mentally challenged employee (gut estimate, 80-05 IQ?) tried to be of help. I could tell within a few minutes that he wasn't going to add to our ability to find what we were looking for, but my dad kept chatting with him.

    Five or ten minutes of agonizingly low level speech later, the subject turns to pruning and suddenly this guy was a genius. He knew when and how to thin branches in an orchard and why and I learned something--granted I wouldn't swear to what he'd advised in that regard, but that wasn't the most important thing I learned from him.
    People think they understand their own mortality, even when that understanding has just changed.

    --Meditations on Uncertainty Vol ξ(x)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith View Post
    [snipped...]This topic interests me because it's like a jumping point of how I react in times when my knowledge or opinion is questioned. I'd also like to see if anyone has a similar realization. [...snipped]
    It's certainly an interesting topic.

    Your point about "when our knowledge or opinion is questioned" is very pertinent. Lots of people are open-minded and flexible when relaxed and unstressed. But when they feel that they are being questioned or put on the defensive, they suddenly get rigid and dogmatic.

    Just to throw some functional analysis at it:

    Take the case of INFPs. We INFPs interact with the world via Auxiliary Ne, an extraverted perceiving function. It makes us open-minded and interested in new ideas by nature. When unstressed, we're whimsical, playful, and interested in novelty and new outlooks on life. But put a little stress on us, and the picture changes drastically. Since our Ne is just an Auxiliary function, it's weak; under stress it tends to shut down and go into hiding. When that happens, we regress to our strong function, Dominant Fi. But Dom-Fi is an introverted judging function; it's like climbing down into an underground bunker and taking shelter there. In short, under stress we INFPs can suddenly turn paranoid, rigid and dogmatic.

    It's pretty much a stereotype of young INFPs: They are whimsical, playful, and silly when unstressed; but when their ideas are questioned or they run into opposition they suddenly turn defensive and start ranting and throwing fits or they turn aloof and simply quit interacting. Ne shuts down (or only gets utilized for pushing Fi's agenda), and Fi suddenly turns subterranean and bunkered as though under fire. As an elderly INFP myself, I like to think I'm beyond all that drama. But when I'm under pressure, I still have to remind myself not to get paranoid and shut down or start ranting or whatever. I have to practice a little self-control, keep my Aux-Ne up and running, and keep the normal lines of communication open.

    All IxxPs would share this same pattern to some extent: A weak (Auxiliary) extraverted perceiving function and a strong (Dominant) introverted judging function. So the same pattern would presumably apply to INTPs, with Ti substituting for Fi. Of course, INTPs are famously less emotional than INFPs, so I can't speak for them. But I imagine I've seen a few cases where INTPs get rigid and dogmatic when their ideas come under fire and they find themselves on the defensive.

    But again, it's not really for me to say what's going on in the heads of INTPs at such times.
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    Of course I've heard of it, I practically came up with the term.

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