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Thread: Forumizing the World

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    Forumizing the World

    You ever have this idea? All your friends could be using the spoiler alert options. I never really got into Reddit only as archival reference, but like a new platform that uses forum features that will be an equal hub as facebook. This would be good as every person can share a blog with everyone. We could even rep someone a like, so only the chick knows you like it.

    It would thus require breaking up of every location in the world and having a subforum for all of that. So it in turn would be a combo of Fb, intpcomplex,and Craigslist.

    Or even just incorporating those features. Still similarities would be the chat box and having friends option. The blogs would be private to friends.

    Of course this would require a standard feature similar to that of a timeline.

    So one tab could be Profile and timeline, then there would be the forum tab.

    Anyone want this, if you get rich, you gotta buy my novel

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