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Thread: Things no one appreciates but you

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    Quote Originally Posted by pensive_pilgrim View Post
    Back atcha. I don't remember what I said about pitbulls but I may have been (probably was) overly insulting about it.

    The gun thing is my least favorite part of Yang's platform. It's not a dealbreaker mainly because it seems to be low-priority for him. He's focused on policy that will work, and when it comes to reducing deaths I think he sees that gun control is low on the list of effective policy solutions. For example, he says he supports an AWB but only after a practical definition of the term can be established - clearly recognizing the idiocy of the 1994 AWB. But right now he's gotta win over democrats to get the nomination and he's fucked if he flat-out opposes all gun control. Also, republican candidates lately will say they support 2A and then pass the same gun control measures as dems. But the fact is that there are more guns than people in this country and nobody is talking about the kind of monumental effort and expenditure it would take to make a serious dent in that. Guns are here to stay.

    Oh and I like Ben Shapiro. I disagree with him about a lot of stuff (some quite strongly) but he is generally pretty honest, at least as far as partisan pundits go. And he's smart, entertaining and doesn't get too nasty with the insults. The left really needs somebody like him. Jon Stewart used to be that guy.
    I'm reminded of this interview

    Stewart left such a void, as safe pundits go. He seemed universally respected. Maher is still around and, well, isn't. However, much as the arrogance repels, he's the only guy around who goes after everyone, manages to displease bases on both sides of the spectrum and consistently invites conservatives on his show. He'll never be replaced. But maybe that's not as valuable as I thought.

    The partisanship over guns is ridiculous and the DNC is complicit, they welcome that it deepens the wedge so the ball ping pongs back and forth, never putting it to rest so corporatocracy keeps churning along unnoticed. I imagine there are plenty of liberal gun owners, or, otherwise liberal. Yang at least is giving credence to data-driven policy.

    Trudeau is trying, or feigning, to take a page from the DNC as of late. Rural gun owners at least where I grew up tend to be pro-union and/or liberal types, especially if French-speaking, but the threat of stricter policy could make them swing more and more.
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    Meanwhile... (figured I might as well post my follow-up here, for continuity's sake.)

    My limited edition Storyteller soundtrack arrived a few days ago. I was saving the liner notes for a time when I could really savor them. (Not just liner notes but "an oral history of The Storyteller, a story told by the people who made it") I finally read the booklet just now. It did not disappoint.

    What stands out to me the most is how much the people working on it recognized that they were doing something really special. A huge challenge - to achieve the quality of a feature film on a television schedule, with a television budget - but everyone was game, and everyone was on board with really understanding and respecting the emotional reality of the pieces.

    A few quotes:

    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan Kenworthy, producer
    (On the writing.)In the afternoon, Jim sat in my office and said, "What did you think of Anthony?" I said, "Well, I think he's great. I think we should give him a shot at this." He said, "I think he might just be too good for us." I said, "What do you mean, Jim? Too good? We should be so lucky." He said, "I think he might want to make it into art."

    (On the music.)So the music would come to an emotional climax and then hang over into the Storyteller, and he and the dog would look at each other and the dog would say, "How could he do that?" It was a great way of having these emotional things happen, and then to have the man and the dog somehow count the cost of those emotional moments. Then he would say "And then..." and the music would start again and draw us into the other world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Barron, one of the directors, on Rachel Portman's soundtrack composition
    She had the warmth and the emotion. That was the thing - she felt like a very thoughtful, emotional person, therefore she could really squeeze the emotion out of these instruments, and write melodies with very strong emotions. And that with the quality of Anthony's words... it's like lyrics and music. Those things can go together beautifully when they go together, and Anthony was an amazing, amazing writer - amazing with the English language. Those characters, then, were ripe to be added to the dressing of Rachel's notes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic Minghella, on his brother, Anthony Minghella's involvement
    In a lot of the scripts is very much our family. [...]All of those things are ways of talking that belonged to our family and that he appropriated. It was like seeing a bit of your life stolen and put on a TV screen, but in a really nice way. [...] Our mum was like that. If she could say it in three sentences instead of one, she would always go for three.[...]

    It was a very, very precious project to him. But then it just faded away. I remember him saying that there was going to be some sort of rerun after many years, and he was really pleased. He said, "It's like people have woken up." He felt that it was very precious and underrated - not necessarily at the moment of release, but then the way it disappeared quite quickly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Henson
    In hindsight, I think it should have been one-hour episodes, not half-hour. We were picking up the challenge of: How do you tell a full story - a much, much richer story than you're ever going to see in a half-hour series? What do we have to innovate in order to do what we need to inside that box? The Storyteller was what allows you to just keep jumping to the best, most poignant or most dramatic beats of a story, and allows you to tell a far bigger story than you would normally ever see in a half-hour episode of television.
    Of course I would argue that that ultra-concentrated storytelling was part of what made it so great - every note had to be perfect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel Portman
    They're myths - they've been around forever. They're good and evil, and there's something primal about them and ancient, which I think, without my even realizing, I responded to at the time. I took the emotions that I was writing in the score utterly seriously. It was real. They were heartfelt - I think that was important - and not afraid to be really sad, or to depict real evil or real magic.
    Thinking of @Sloth the production designer, Roger Hall, got a shoutout as well:"gorgeos production designs" per Brian Henson.

    I feel like The Storyteller is proof that justice and beauty and goodness are still a part of this world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Henson
    I think they're the best television shows ever made.
    Kind, brilliant, driven, visionary - yes. Falsely modest, the man was not.
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    Too bad, Lady Une. You were far too lenient.
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    Me, apparently. My manager clocked out at 3pm, leaving me alone in her deli from 3pm to 4pm on a Sunday. The last time she abandoned me, I clocked out, went home, and when they called I told them I quit. But then I was persuaded into going back, and I wasn't abandoned ever since. Lucky for her I wasn't overwhelmed yesterday otherwise I would've left and not came back.

    Now, I'm a ticking timebomb with my new job set up and a large tax refund pending, so any little thing that pisses me off from here on out will result in me clocking out and never returning
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