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Thread: Jobs you've quit without notice

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaDaMan View Post
    Extreme Fishing
    Shit; I saw an extra "t" in there. Had to have a double take.

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    Quit the almighty Google in 2010 without notice. 4 months. Wasn't so surprising I'd imagine, as they did everything to make me want to quit (still unsure why). Haven't worked since. As bad as the latter sounds, it's occurrence is just telling to me and makes clearer the decision was well-made.

    They made some media-level deal about the absence of racial diversity, but obviously no one cared.

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    I didn’t tell my old boss I was forming a company with his business partner, but he was on a serious money bender so I don’t really feel bad about it. The rest of you are bad anarchists who need to bootstraps back in my day.

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    The only job I quit on the spot was as a manager for a biomedical research lab. I was twenty pounds heavier then, from all the stress, overworked sleep-deprived and highly underappreciated. My boss was abusive and the environment dysfunctional as I found myself being pitted against my labmates.
    I don't regret having left ASAP. At the time she had gone to vacation for a week, and I had quit that Monday. I handed a letter into HR, shook their hand and thanked them for the opportunity, and peaced out. I recall my supervisor was angry, and she wanted me to come in and speak with her and do some work for her, but I told HR that if she was interested in me working or any further engagements including work she could hire me as an independent contractor. Never heard from her again.
    I stayed a year in that position. I should have left four months in.

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    While I've given notice at all but one job--things just moved fast and it was still an amicable separation--but I'll never feel bad about quitting without notice so long as I can be fired without notice.
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