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Thread: What Type of Booze do you Actually Like the Taste of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephaestus View Post
    @Spartan26, if you can get it, I recommend Anchor Steam. Cold. In a glass like a civilized beerbarian.
    You mean like this?!

    Pretty cool, huh? I'm not sure when I got this puppy. I also don't remember when I got the chip in the glass. It might've been something stupid like sticking another glass in it when trying to put them away in my cupboard? Maybe trying to put ice in it? I wanna say something really light weight that I was even surprised it chipped. I'm trying to remember what bar I got this at and approx year. Complete blank. I also don't know why it's loading in sideways?? I can't find a way to rotate it. Annoying AF! I tried to resize it cuz it wasn't uploading. I didn't have any Anchor Steam on hand. I used a Modelo.

    I I should actually try to collect various beer glasses. I'm partial to the shape and look of pint glasses. I know I have a Pete's Wicked Ale and Budweiser pint glasses. I've got a George Killian Red mug. Not exactly the most sturdy mug. Almost looks more fit for warm cider. I've got some local brewery pint glass. I wanna say one or two more. I have a couple of Stella Atrois glasses as well. Those I got with a promo around Christmas time a couple of years ago.

    I do like Anchor Steam, though I can't for the life of me remember when the last time I purchased any. I really don't have to buy beer too frequently. Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, then maybe a movie night or some rando event here or there. No Final Four this year. Usually have leftover beer from what I buy and what other people bring. I realize that's not likely to happen any time soon. I'll have to look for sales 'round Memorial Day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan26 View Post
    You mean like this?!

    Pretty cool, huh?
    Very cool. Brilliant reply! I honestly feel like fortune has smiled on me. It was completely unexpected.

    I have an Arrogant Bastard pilsner glass. I'll see if I can dig it up.

    I commend your honesty about the contents.
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