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Thread: Things that make you feel young

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    Things that make you feel young

    - not posting in the "things that make you feel old" thread bc everyone there seems older than u
    - being a poor gradstudent with like no financial stability lol
    - when people say "isn't that for kids?" when they find out i watch cartoons and enjoy tf out of it
    - when someone calls me 'childish' or 'immature' for my silly jokes and pranks
    - ironically making "your mom" and "that's what she said" jokes like it's middle school again
    - people's reactions when they see my extensive plush toy collection
    - being the best tree climber among all my friends
    - 4ever(endless curiosity + boundless creativity and imagination)
    - when ur the only person among ur peers not to have had a ONS or smoked weed and they call u 'too pure' (don't wanna scare the unicorns off >.>)
    - memes and shitposts and extensive use of words like "dude" and "bruh" and other things that prob would confuse my grandma
    - i still hate the taste of alcohol

    also, i was bored the other day and tired of the classic "parties where people drink and smoke and stand around and talk about boring stuff" so i threw a small evening tea party by the lake instead and made everyone bring their own imaginary friend or plush toy to introduce to everyone else, and then we all played hide-and-seek afterwards. the only 'classic party' i've gone to in the past god-knows-how-long was held outside in the woods, and i was lucky enough to find a couple other bored-af child-at-heart people to join me in sword fighting with sticks as we roleplayed, made lightsaber noises and sung star wars music, while everyone else slowly moved the rest of party as far away from us 'weirdos' as they could lol--i think that was the only 'classic party' i've been to that i actually enjoyed.
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    You forgot one. You used one non-abbreviation capital at the beginning of your post and put one non えもじ period at the end of it, as if the entire post was one sentence. If someone my age does that, they are probably trying to make fun of young people.


    I have cat ears on my headphones.
    I am surrounded by action figures.
    I have my own room in the house where I can play with my toys and not fuck up the decor of the rest of the house. The only difference between it and a teenagers bedroom is the fact that I don't sleep there - and the fact that I own it.
    I almost never have to look up the abbreviations people your age use. (I blame the forum and my frequent conversations with you, lol.)
    I have an Escher print in my room. It is a 3d print, but still an accurate statement. That might just make me basic though.

    If I ever start feeling old, I just have to have a conversation with your grandma and I feel simultaneously like I'm five years old and like I have a five year old...both of which make me feel relatively young.

    Oh, also, when I speak/read Japanese because I'm at like a four year old's level... or not even that really. I know 2 of the "alphabets," but very few kanji and my vocabulary is super small.
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