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Thread: Looking for an explanation to a miracle.

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    Broken hearts and shattered lives
    like wreckage on the ground
    The memories of those poor souls
    who were lost but never found
    They shook their fists and cursed the sky
    demanding explanation
    No answers came, no soothing words
    just silence and frustration

    But in Jarden Town the sun shone bright
    - a miracle
    The light of love poured down,
    it's a miracle
    Our hearts are pure we knew for sure
    a miracle
    That god had spared our town!

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    Electronics are not infallible. They are decidedly fallible. How fallible is somewhat correlated to price, but your greatest correlation is from the IPC class of the electronic device. I used to inspect PCB boards for class 2 and class 3 devices. Class 2 is for industrial use and some durable medical devices. This is the class of scientific instruments and workhorse electronics with long duty cycles and some expectation of being banged around. The tolerance for failure is very low, but not as low as class 3. Class 3 is for things like aircraft landing gear controls and life support monitoring devices where failure is intolerable because failure is deadly.

    Optical media like you have there, consumer grade electronics, is class 1. If you saw the difference in standards for things like solder joints and overall reliability... it's almost a miracle any of this shit works if you take class 2 standards as your baseline for "good".

    I don't know what specific fallible part failed in your momentary glitch, but I have an idea it might be related to laser jitter. The laser in an optical drive is suspended on springs the hold it kind of sort of in place, but much like the human eye, it saccades all over the place. There are algorithms to help smooth that out--and Playstation infamously relied on that jitter for copy protection for the PS1--but add that to a moving car and there's a reason why skipping used to be a bigger problem. It was resolved with better buffering, but all the buffering in the world won't help if something is misread in the first place.

    I doubt there's much error checking beyond audio continuity in your sound system, and reading the label of one track ahead isn't that odd of an event. The machine itself isn't going to attach the song title to a specific sound signature. It reads off a table somewhere in the data, and if it misreads, the display will be wrong. Off by one is one of the most common bugs around.
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    Oh God ....

    My teacher said everytime there's an electronical mistake that's one in a million, even then the mistake gets caught in CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check

    I would have Believed in electronics this is a miracle, but given this information ... we cannot Trust computers?

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