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Thread: Fine tip writing utensil that will write on thermal paper

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    Fine tip writing utensil that will write on thermal paper

    Sharpies finetip or regular smear off, and a handful of pens I have lying around--Pilot, Bic, ballpoint or not, etc. smear also

    I've Googled, searched forums, etc. and haven't found a type that I want to risk buying and it not work

    Anything permanent is what I'm looking for-- one red, one black--paint, gel, whatever goo except pencils/erasable

    I don't know the ingredients in the thermal paper used, and people say it will smear regardless (and therefore have to wait an extra 16 years while writing on it so it doesn't smear), but I don't believe it. There has to be a writing utensil that will quickdry and work.

    Any recommendations for a finetip permanent utensil that will rapidly dry on thermal paper?

    Shit. I will even attempt to make the ink/paint myself with a recommended recipe. What will write on it?

    Spoiler: >

    ^here's a few doodles of what happens; shit just smears and the fucking paper is so small you can't not put your fist on it (adding hand oils to make it even worse) while writing as it's in a little slanted slot holder thing-- and there's no way to write from left to right or right to left onlu to avoid the smear cuz you gotta write a bunch of shit out of order in certain spots
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