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Thread: What are you Watching?

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    The big mouth bicyclist with the yellow backpack is a jerk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    The big mouth bicyclist with the yellow backpack is a jerk.
    I miss riding around in London. It's a battleground there. You're not really a true Londoner unless you passive-aggressively lash out at a few strangers every so often.


    Watching this video of this guy explaining a bunch of stuff about musical improvisation.

    To me, this is a perpetual fascination, as I'm reasonably average/not good at it. I could never play through changes properly.

    This guy is throwing out some massive chunks of wisdom / knowledge.

    I think one problem is that a lot of musicians don't really have much idea about how they do what they do. Or at least they are unable to communicate it effectively. Or the student needs to be in some kind of rare optimal state, able to utilise what they are saying to achieve the same results.

    When I was at the conservatory briefly, I suspect I spent more time trying to analyse how you could get your brain to transform itself so that it could play through fast chord changes, and I perceived that to analyse it effectively would take years, whereas the more natural musicians take some other approach (maybe they're less analytical, and more something else), and get there a lot faster. But videos like this give great insights.

    I think analysing how people learn music is one of the most fascinating, out of all scenarios of 'learning', because it does seem to involve so many subconscious aspects, and these don't often seem to be discussed that much (at least historically). Seen as sort of "magical musicians' intuitive", which is sort of bullshit. Sort of.

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