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Thread: What were you like from ages 0 to 8?

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    0-8, I think I was a really good kid who had no idea what shitty parents she had, or the messed up environment I was born into - that was my "normal". My behavioral issues only started around age 11. I was instinctively a very loving child, and drowned my mother in love and affection without really expecting anything in return. I don't remember it being a two-way street, just her taking and not giving. When I wasn't doting on her, I was in my own little world of curiosity about the world around me. While she sent my sister off to kindergarten for being way too needy for attention, she kept me at home until it was time to start primary school. My sister taught me to read before I started school.

    Before school, my social circle was my mother and whatever adults she had around her, and my elder sister, so I didn't really interact with any children my age.

    With my peers at school, I was well liked, but very aloof and didn't really form close friendships with anyone (probably because I had only interacted with people older than me for all my life). I remember some kids trying to be my friend, but I could pretty much take them or leave them, and was fine just daydreaming by myself. Teachers adored me because I was quiet, clever and conscientious.

    Age 11 I turned into a demon. I still have the whole angel/demon thing going decades later.

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    i had hard time making friends, i think my mom pushed little guys to be friends with me xD
    i can't remember but seems in my pictures i was rather really happy, like energetic and happy, and i still feel really energetic, just that the world proves me everyday that it's a lost cause.
    uhm i remember i had a very good friend tho, who taught me the basics of painting anime, he was really good at it, i remember people used to say i was good at it, but suddenly i lost interest in painting, now i'm pushing myself to it again.
    i was very protective of my little sister. i don't remember that much.
    i believe my grandmother used to comb my hair while watching scooby doo, i was super into the show, and remember singing the intro song, also i was super into johnny quest. remember i used to skip class and go and buy acid caramels and then jump out of our mini truck before it arrived to college, yeah it was still running. damn i remember how the place look, as i write this, wow, had never thought of that frame in my head. i lived in to many places but perhaps this first town until i was like 8 was the best thing.

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    Ages 0-8?

    I didn't talk very much at all, and was very much a loner child enthralled in my own inner world of fantasy, yet also being very curious about anything and everything -- Lots of my family members are surprised now how much I can be a chatterbox on a subject that piques my interest. In school, I had lots of acquaintances (in my public persona I give the impression of being very extroverted and free-spirited), yet very, very few people I could classify as actual friends because I tend to keep my real self very guarded.

    As I've gotten older, I've had a tendency to withdraw inwardly again into my own little bubble.

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    I was extraverted, high energy, curious, and smart as fuck
    We didn't land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us.

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