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Thread: Stargate (and other movies that portray INTP-like characters)

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    i've always seen dawn weiner from welcome to the dollhouse as basically intp but idk/idc and middle school is hell for all kids anyway (esp for intp girls?). i identify with this movie/character and love it a little too much, even though i wasn't picked on to that extent and definitely not for that reason.
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    I guess Gaius Baltar is an ENTP. possibly INTP?

    George from Dead Like Me might be an INTP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chobani View Post
    I guess Gaius Baltar is an ENTP. possibly INTP?
    He craves attention for accomplishments (whether actually his or whether he can get credit) above and beyond your average behind-the-scenes genius of INTPs.
    As a fictive character he's a hodge podge of whatever comes out of writing and acting.
    Though the real stereotypical `mad scientist' is an INTJ, I think he's more of a blend of ENTP and ENFP ... an Inventive Scum Bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gps
    He craves attention for accomplishments (whether actually his or whether he can get credit) above and beyond your average behind-the-scenes genius of INTPs.
    As a fictive character he's a hodge podge of whatever comes out of writing and acting.
    Though the real stereotypical `mad scientist' is an INTJ, I think he's more of a blend of ENTP and ENFP ... an Inventive Scum Bag.
    He is a more morally ambiguous Julian Bashir. Shocked it isn't the same actor. Quark's brother Rom might be one.

    I'd say Sam from Game of Thrones is one. I'm pretty sure he's an author avatar. Not all portrayals need be flattering. I would probably take the black in that world. A lot of people think he's an ISFP, which is amusing. He is definitely not a sensor. I'd accept that for Jon Snow before I would accept it for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.J.Woolf View Post
    Is that to say even a bad actor can play an INTP? Hmm.

    But really, you might be on to something there. I thought Keanu Reeves was well cast as Bob Arctor, the drugged-out narc in A Scanner Darkly, though in that case his notorious lack of emotional affect could be the drugs and not INTP.
    Heh, actually this all came to me as an eventual result of a discussion I once got into with my ex-GF while watching A Scanner Darkly. Hollywood seems to run on typecasting more than it runs on what is considered "talent" in the stage acting world, from what I can tell. (The latter includes the ability to convincingly portray a wide range of personality archetypes, but this is less of an issue for film actors, especially when movie scripts are often written with particular actors on shortlists to play the major characters.)

    Keanu Reeves seems to have built a movie career out of doing a reliable job at playing tight-lipped, aloof, affectless young men. It's possible to frame this in several ways using other elements of cinematic storytelling, so in some cases he's presented as a not very bright ISTP sort of character (Bill and Ted, Speed), while in others it's sort of credibly implied that his demeanor is due to being lost in thought about some Deep Shit. (Like the Matrix movies, or at least the first one.) Bob Arctor is a character built around the theme of being brain-damaged, having an identity crisis, and having numerous occasions to doubt the reality of what he is seeing, so Keanu Reeves was a good choice to embody the behaviors associated with that condition on screen.

    With that movie, I thought the triumvirate of Robert Downey Jr playing an archetypical cokehead, Woody Harrelson playing an archetypical pothead, and Keanu Reeves playing, well, Bob Arctor was rather skillful casting that lent the movie quite a bit of its appeal.

    I actually haven't seen the original DOTSS, but I did see the remake starring Keanu Reeves as Klaatu. There again, what may very well be a failing in other acting contexts (inability to appear emotionally invested in human drama) turned out to be appropriate to the premise and setting. At least in the remake, the character is a nonhuman entity charged with making an objectively optimal decision about a question that a human couldn't possibly make objectively given the obvious emotional investment they would have. So an actor who can convincingly appear somewhat emotionally detached from his surroundings and situation is exactly what one needs for that part.

    If this is an INTP quality--thinking a lot more than you speak, and exhibiting emotional distance from what you're thinking and speaking about--then perhaps it doesn't take all that much acting talent to present the personality as a filmic archetype. It certainly appears to fit with Hollywood's collective sense of what INTP-ish personalities are like. Or perhaps Keanu Reeves is an INTP--who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adze View Post
    After seeing Stargate (the movie) for the first time in > 10 years, somehow I've decided its one of my favorite movies.
    The tv series watered down the whole thing for me years ago, but now a few things I must have overlooked back in the original movie (while in my teens) have stood out to me. I love the contrast between the main character and the others in this movie. Also, I loved seeing the contrast between all the over-exaggerated movies around these days and the more believable 90s feel to Stargate.

    So can I get some opinions?
    This main character "Daniel" in the movie, would you say he's a little too 'F'-like and 'people-softy' for your average INTP representation?
    Or would you say its a quintessential INTP representation? or closer to another personality type?

    He certainly seems aloof, and involved in his own thoughts, yet calmly observing the environment where necessary in certain situations.
    The whole 'alien-language-understanding' thing also seems relevant for an INTP-like linguist character.

    Feel free to say the movie sucks, or where you think its shortcomings are, but if you havn't seen it for many years, I'd actually recommend watching it again.

    ....and feel free to discuss / recommend other movies with good INTP-like characters.
    yeah yeah yeah tl;dr bro!

    tonight I been wondering if there's a stargate up my nose or somethan 'cause my finger's been digging out nose turds for the past 5 minutes non-stop.
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