I had a board game thread on Central, but as that ol' site got fucked somethin' bad, I'm going to post a plug for a board game a guy I know has designed and has a Kickstarter up for:


First of all, I want to say that the game is genuinely good. I was skeptical when I first saw the game, as I've become quite a "snob" having played hundreds of board games (Ameritrash and Euro), and own about a half hundred. I'm pretty picky when it comes to game mechanics, luck/strategy balance, and theme.

I'm pleased to say that Forces of Evil is a fantastic board game. If you've played the video game Dungeon Keeper, you'll be at home. If you haven't, Forces of Evil has you play the part of a dungeon lord, building dungeon rooms and stocking them with goblins, spiders, ogres, and treasure, competing with the other Forces of Evil (the other players) for the most influence. Each Force of Evil in the game has a different ability, and most of them are significant and distinct enough to make things interesting. At any rate, you buy cards from a constantly changing tableau to outfit your dungeon and give you bonuses, and every once in awhile a group of heroes tries to make its way through your dungeon - hopefully they aren't fortunate enough to take your treasure and make it to your dungeon heart. The theme is fantastic; you're creating a living, breathing dungeon and the little battles between the incoming champions and your monsters is very gratifying.

Each type of minion you have has you roll a different sided die for attacking heroes, so you have to strategically choose and place your minions to bend the odds to your favor. The luck of the die rolls are easily mitigated by the choices you have concerning the dice - brilliant game design.

The only part of this game I'd have to knock when I playtested it was the rules. They seemed noisy and overly long. Don't take my word for it, though - I'm sure they've been revised a few times since I've last played (months ago), and they are linked to from the Kickstarter.

Overall, if you like the thought of creating a dungeon, making interesting choices, and battling different kinds of champions with a horde of your monsters, this would be a great game for you. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.