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Thread: Anyone Want to Design a Personality Test?

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    Anyone Want to Design a Personality Test?

    I can take care of programming, hosting, implementation... etc.

    Criterions would be needed, as well as questions and normative data. Anyone up for the challenge?

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    I am interested........ wait
    I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.
    ― David Bowie

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    FWIW, there has been some discussion (in various posts here and there) about a project to create our very own personality test, such as could be hosted on INTPx (on these servers).

    I'm all for it, and I'd gladly do what I could to host/promote it here.

    If someone seriously wants to grab the horns of this, consider starting a Project for it, perhaps even request your own subforum for such a group effort?

    I could even contribute some degree of programming effort, if it gathers momentum. In any case, I offer the hosting, etc.

    Reminds me: I started this, and it seemed to have some interest for a while, anyhow.

    Anyhow, I personally like the idea of creating a test (for this site) that is "How INTP are You"? rather than a straight-up personality test with open-ended results, heh.

    I'd considered putting a bounty out on any such a test....

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