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Thread: I just saw...

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    Sense8 is somehow worse than I expected. Absolute trash. Cringy soap opera vignettes with an overlapping supernatural plotline from the looks of it.

    Catching way up on Silicon Valley. Glad I gave this a chance, it reels you in.

    I'm watching Peaky Blinders just because it's yet-another-period-gangster-show and I'm usually a sucker for gangster shows. Nothing else is really interesting me right now.
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    Justice League:


    Ok, honestly, I'm starting to believe WB has a smear campaign against it going on by the powers that be. Seriously, this movie wasn't that bad -- I enjoyed it quite a bit. Leaps and bounds better than Batman Vs Superman, actually.

    What do you fucking expect? Seriously, it's a comic book movie; It's not going to win the Oscar for Best Picture, and it's not going to be some eye-opening, life transforming event. It is what it is, and for what it was I enjoyed it.

    You can definite see the Joss Whedon effect and how it changes the tone of the overall film -- You can feel the dissonance between the feel and tone of the movie being a byproduct of the Zack Snyder directorial vision versus the light-hearted quips and the humor in the film (to some extent it makes those moment feel out of place, but it's done in a way that while a bit corny, is still enjoyable). The film does suffer the plight of most comic book movies -- You have a villain with no real motivation other than to see the world burn, and a overarching story the brings them all together that's a bit patchy and inconsistent, but the dialogue between the characters is what makes this film -- Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa steal the show.

    If you go in with super high expectations, you will be disappointed, but if you take it for what it is, it's a pretty decent popcorn flick.

    Spoiler: light batman spoilers
    The portrayal of Batman is a little too humanized for my liking (He's the goddamn Batman, because Batman) and I would've liked for them to showcase a little bit more of what he brings to the table. I want my Batman to be this brooding, over-analytical paranoid behemoth who uses his array of gadgets and instills fear to be useful to the group. They did show him in the tactician role of the Justice League, though, so I'll let him make it. I really did enjoy the scene where he called Wonder Woman out about being a leader as well.

    Spoiler: superman spoilers
    While still not quite nailing it, leaps and bounds better presentation of Superman as being the beacon of light of the DC universe than any previous portrayal in the latest iteration of films. I just wish (any maybe this doesn't all fall on Henry Cavill) they made his character come across more charismatic, as opposing to coming across stiff and slightly brooding.
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