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    Just watched: I Can Only Imagine

    It's a Christian bio-pic.

    You might be saying "but HOLD ON Sloth, don't you have very strong feelings against Christianity?" why yes, yes I do. I would have never have gone out to watch this on my own if it wasn't for my old department head, the Production Designer of the film Joe Garrity, who asked me personally to go watch it and send him my opinion (I'm so incredibly honored he asked me that, holy shit <-- literally luls).

    It was a 7 million dollar film that's already made 75 million and I can see why. I CRIED 3 TIMES. I can't remember the last time a movie has affected me like that.

    You don't have to be religious to be affected by the power of this thing, WOW. All of the elements are very well done (with the exception of some weak-ish performances by the child actors for a few minutes in the beginning). It looked great! It was so unbelievably well written! And what's better is that they really keep the film's themes generalized to human relationships for the most part and don't beat you over the head with religiosity. There are no big gospel scenes, there is no scripture quoted. They say Jesus a few times and show a guy holding a bible, but that's about it. This film has mass appeal FOR SURE.

    I really highly recommend people watch it. I wouldn't call this a "Christian movie", it's more like a great movie with a few Christian elements. Very moving.

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    I saw the movie A Ghost Story around Christmas last year and just wanted to recommend it because it's one of those atmospheric movies that really sticks and gives you something to dwell on. (you'll have to forgive the hipster aspect ratio and slow first 1/4, but it's worth it. Even the aspect ratio pays off after a while.) It's one of the most innovative recently-released movies that I've seen over the last few years. It gives me shivers to think about some of the final scenes. Has anyone here seen it?

    I think it also almost qualifies as a science fiction movie, weirdly enough, so I'd especially recommend it to the crowd in that thread.

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