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The Dreamgineer

Originally Posted by notdavidlynch
So, I was just looking at a comparison of INTP and INFP and, of course, there are elements of both that I have and elements of both that I don't have. One was called the Dreamer, and one was called the Engineer, so I thought it was appropriate to call the INxP the "Dreamgineer".

I'm tired of there being no decent INxP type descriptions, so I'm setting out to write one...

So, this is the first mashup of two descriptions:

The INxP is deep, private, difficult to know and extremely independent. They do not like being boxed in or constrained by rules. They focus on things that interest them most putting off completing tasks until the last minute as the routine bores them.

INxPs, unlike INTPs, are not overly concerned with logic. They may be able to easily spot logical inconsistencies and employ logic in the service of whatever they’re trying to accomplish, but they may also have no qualms with disregarding it in certain contexts. Logic is employed only under certain circumstances, in balance with what may be a hypothetical or experimental set of values, and guided by an ever shifting contextual awareness gifted by intuition.

Also, unlike INFPs, INxPs don’t necessarily require that their beliefs and actions are in sync, simply because their beliefs may never be set in stone. Personal values, like logic and reasoning, may be something that an INxP concerns themself with from time to time, but they feel no pressure to be “right” all the time and are willing to play the fool or devil’s advocate just to see where it takes them. They also don’t necessarily feel pressure to be in harmony or accordance with the needs of others, even though they may be sensitive to them. They may possess empathy, but feel no need to be accomodating.

INxPs can seem both quixotic and pragmatic to outside observers - on one hand keeping people in awe of their well reasoned sensibility, and on the other continually surprised by what may be perceived as bizarre or aloof behavior.

The glass is both half full and half empty for the INxP, and what observers see is usually more a reflection on their own bias. In cases where other types are more clearly expressed and harder to sway, the INxP is both flexible and reflexive - instinctively adjusting to other people, observing the results, and absorbing knowledge about them. Guided by intuition, the personality and expression of the INxP will respond in complex ways to all aspects of the environment. Where the INTP takes the experimental and creative approach within rigorously defined systems, the INxP is moved more towards people and how they can be educated, persuaded, manipulated and/or entertained - just don’t ask them to do it directly.

The INxP is typically a very open-minded and imaginative person. Their focus on people, disdain for rules and order, flexible system of ethics and goal-oriented use of logic will typically have them end up in what others may consider a very interesting or out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle - complete with an idiosyncratic worldview, knowledge base or belief system.

They appreciate you being nice to them, but they don't really demand it.

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