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As we know, the label of INTP is far too broad. I have decided to break it down by a second system, where the letters are sorted by strength. Taking myself, for example, I have the most N, followed by P, I and T. I would be an NIPT.

Take this test to get the weighting

IE: Joe has 76% I, 50% N, 65% T and 78% P. Joe would be a "PITN"

The meaning of the system is that having stronger mixtures of things will have different consequences than having weak mixtures. An INTP with a strong IT will be different than one with an ambivalent IT. The system can be broken up in different ways, so I'll just dive into the subtypes.


"The improviser"

PNTI-"the qc"

This type uses a wild intellectual instinct to perfect systems, whether they were the originator or not. The weak TI creates ambivalence towards identity and logic.

PNIT-"the context jumper"

The other PN, tends towards comparing seemingly incompatible systems. They thrive on ideas like quines and seemingly inappropriate metaphors.

PINT-"the secret prostitute"

The first of our identity-strong subtypes, they court several identities at once without thought of global inconsistency.

PITN-"the reed in the wind"

Skilled in the evasive arts, these are one of the physical subtypes. Their sense of physical evasion echoes in the chameleon nature of their soul.

PTNI-"the cold shower"

With the inherent paradox of being a T-strong perciever, this type excels in using parsimony to reduce systems to a simplest metaphor. This activity can be sobering.

PTIN-"the collector"

The second in the physical/material subtype, the PTIN collects ideas into a centerless framework.


"The speculator"

NPIT-"the niche maker"

This type tends to create systems starting from a specific example, creating the framework to fit the criteria of the intuition-object. They want to find a place for everything, and a frame big enough for everyone.

NPTI-"the mediator"

With a kind, agreeable nature, this subtype wants to classify and sort much like the NPIT, but tries to do this from within whichever system is dominant.

NIPT-"the virus"

This identity subtype tries to infect others with a prevailing thought in order to create self-replicating satelites. The best memes are created by the NIPT.

NITP-"the loyalist"

The first of our value-heavy subtypes, the NITP creates an identity through adherence to usually one thought-style or system-style (which may evolve slowly over the years), finding the similarity of all things within this frame.

NTIP-"the armchair general"

One of two pure rationals-this type likes to win. It will usually win long before playing the game, having created and perfected the gaming system.

NTPI-"the arcologist"

The second of the pure rationals, the NTPI tends towards creating utopian architectures. It does this out of a strong intuition of global truth.


"The solipsists"

INTP-"the unabomber"

With the strong sense of values and identity, this type leads to a greater truth by quiet example.


This type, the second of the hermit-like INs, seeks obliteration of the personality through calm meditation.

IPNT-"the deadhead"

These types tend to be long-simmering hippies, who are secretly yearning for a simpler existence, usually involving nature or anachronism.

IPTN-"the stoner"

Stoned or not, this type uses themselves as the basic element in their fantasy world. Consequently, they tend to make very self-indulgent frameworks to inhabit.

ITNP-"slow burn"

These annihilate their personalities with their razor brains, and can get into J/P spirals that can lead to madness and suicide.

ITPN-"the cutter"

This type has all the identity strife of the ITNP, but tends to externalize it as physical activity of some kind. The two ITs tend to be the most objective of all the subtypes, because they are constantly forced to face their faults.


"The editor"

TNIP-"the global paradox"

This is the first of the two flipped rationals. From a long tradition of having their N destroy the workings of their T, the TNIP has found a way to boil anything down to a single metaphorical paradox.

TNPI-"the saboteur"

The other of the flipped rationals, the TNPI has found a favored heuristic with which to destroy any system. This type prefers to destroy in service of a stronger whole, which it ironically knows will never be perfect or complete.

TIPN-"the ourobouros"

This artistic subtype is always destroying itself, finding an identity in the process of constant self-creation. This is the mellower version of the ITs.

TINP-"the silver bullet"

This subtype is always searching for the achilles' heel of a system, with the goal of being recognized as the person who brought it down.

TPIN-"the stress test"

This type is the pure analyst who succeeds in dispassionately running simulations in their mind. These are the best visualizers out of all the 384 subtypes.

TPNI-"the actuary"

This type is the most ambivalent of identity as well as the most logical of the subtypes. The pure debater.

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  1. Was there a test? I think there was a method.
    I was TINP. I guess that should make me TINJ