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Inactive players are those players who haven't voted in the last three rounds or have asked to become inactive. To become active again, all you have to do is vote (and you are encouraged to do so!).

The round ends when a majority of active players is reached. A minimum of two votes are needed to end a round early.

Don't use chess engines (please)!

White (new version) (White's private group)
@ferrus (captain)
@LowIQLogan (vice-captain)
@Light Leak
@sandwitch (inactive)
@tele (inactive)
@MoneyJungle (inactive)
@prometheus (damnatio memoriae)

Black (new version) (Black's private group)
@Dot (captain)
@Polemarch (vice-captain)
@gator (inactive-ish)
@Dirac (inactive)
@Slab_Bulkhead (inactive)
@P_O (inactive)

Links to Instructions and other tl;dr

Link to chess study/general strategy thread

Link to helpful info on notation

Link to forum chess rules

Link to instructions to post the next board

Chess symbols

Pick-up Chess thread

Current position

Black does a thing: Qd6.


White to move ...

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