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The Forum Rules about posting "adult content" on INTPcomplex have some specific conditions, covered below.

When and Where it is Possibly Acceptable
  • Outright pornography is unwelcome, and a bannable offense.
  • Nudity of the sexually suggestive/depicting sort (ie, "adult content") is also unwelcome, and subject to content-takedown and heavy infraction upon the poster, per the "know it when we see it" judgement of the staff ....
  • -- unless --
    • it is posted in Adult Subjects, Private Lounge or Blog Threads
    • -- AND --
    • it is posted as an exhibit accompanying/intending to start a meaningful point of discussion broader than itself
    • -- AND --
    • ... in which case more leeway is given, on the basis of relevant exhibit for the purpose of a discussion broader than itself
  • ... and, again, outright pornography is still not allowed under any circumstance

In other words, nudity (sexually suggestive or otherwise) is possibly acceptable if posted in one of those "private" forums (requiring a registered account in good standing to access), and if it is in exhibit relevant to a discussion broader than itself (as against just posted for its own sake, as against used in a flame, troll or fluff capacity, etc).

When these conditions are not met, posting adult content is likely going to be taken down and earn an infraction.

Even when these conditions are met, excessive adult content is not welcome, and earns takedowns and infractions. Attempts to game the rules is not welcome, and will entail takedowns and infractions.

In other words: use discretion, and keep it relevant to a discussion that's about something other than adult content itself.

Example: making an adult-content version of "sexiest man/women" will not be tolerated, since that would be posting material in a context that does not serve as exhibit to a discussion broader than itself.

Common Courtesy: Spoiler Tags

Also, as a matter of common courtesy (but not necessity qua rule), it is asked that such possibly acceptable posts be made with a "spoiler" warning around the "adult" material. The incentive? I'd say the staff take this into account when evaluating the situation, and consider giving more leeway to those who've bothered to use spoiler tags with sufficient warning.

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