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INTPcomplex is affiliated with the following IRC server/channel:

server: irc.ecnet.org
channel: #intp
Connection Options
  • Use whatever IRC client of your own
  • Use the forum's integrated web client

Integrated Web Client
  • You can click the "IRC" tab from top navigation to access the integrated web client.
  • Your forum user name should prepopulate the nickname field
  • Click "Start" to begin using the IRC web client.

IRC Administration and Rules
  • Note that the ECNET IRC channel is owned and operated independently of the forum, and as such has its own distinct rules and administrators. When you connect to the channel, you should see the details.
    They might look something like this:

    [#INTP] Welcome to #intp || || No trolling, no spamming, no harassment, no underage sex talk, your number of nicks may be limited at chanop request || If you have an issue, PM an operator or join #ecnet!
  • Those IRC administrators who have a forum account can be see in the "IRC Administrators" group of the "Contact Us" page.

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