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The MATH tag lets you embed rendered mathematical expressions, using LaTeX syntax.

This is based on


The bbcode:
The famous formula [math] E = m c^2 [/math] is actually incomplete.
... results in ...

The famous formula is actually incomplete.

Features and Basic Usage

(Adapted from developer's documentation)

  • [MATH]E= mc^2[/MATH] in-line mode. The image is included in the middle of the text, without line breaks. It tries to adjust the baseline of the formula by adjusting the vertical-align CSS property; the results aren't always perfect, but it does its best.

  • [MATH=null]E = m c^2[/MATH] displayed mode: The formula is displayed (usually centered) between two paragraphs.

  • [MATH=*]E = m c^2[/MATH] auto-numbering mode: The formula is displayed (usually centered), and numbered.
    NOTE: The auto-numbering depends on the CSS counter system, so some old browsers (most notably ie 7 and older) will show these equations untagged, like [MATH=null]. Blame non-standard compiliant browsers.

  • [MATH=tag]E = m c^2[/MATH] displayed with tag: The formula is displayed (usually centered) between two paragraphs, and tagged with the specific tag.

In the last two modes, the tags are displayed at the right (left if you use RTL) between brackets, in a (configurable) color.

This mod also introduces a second BBcode, [EQREF]tag[/EQREF], which outputs (tag), with the same style of the equation tags. It's useful to let users make reference their formulas.

A double click on the image of a generated image will open a pop-up displaying the LaTeX source code used to generate the formula.

Syntax Reference

There should be some good information about the syntax of LaTeX expressions here

Experimenting with LaTeX

You can mess around with interactive LaTeX expression parsers to get the hang of things at places like these:

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