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This is about the different states of general membership here at INTPcomplex.


These are the "general" membership states. See below for "Remediated" states.

Unregistered "Guest"
Not technically members, these are "guests" without accounts. This covers random visitors, search spiders, and anything or anyone else out there on the Internet.

The final step of the registration process requires e-mail verification. Until that is complete, newly registered accounts remain in this state.

Awaiting Moderation
Only applies when the forum is configured to place all new registrations into one final step: manual moderation by the staff, only after which they are fully activated.

New Member
New, fully registered, fully activated accounts. Some, but not all features of the site become read/write, others which were hidden or restricted become visible (read-only), and yet others remain unavailable. Unfortunately, we must limit the features available to New Members, as such, in order to mitigate the potentially disruptive impact of bots, trolls and other such nuisance accounts.

("Vested") Member
A membership is automatically promoted to "vested" status after both conditions are true:
  1. 50 Counted Posts are made.
  2. 14 days have passed since the account was fully activated (since first established as a "New Member")
... after which all features of the site become fully accessible, read-write.


Members who wish to "close" or "delete" their account are offered the option of going into the "retired" status.

Their avatar, posts and other contributions remain, attributed to them as normal, however their account is no longer able to post, nor can they see members-only content. Access-wise, this is equivalent to Unregistered "Guest" (as above). Their user-title will likely read, "Retired". This is a reversible state, if/as appropriate/desired.


Members which too often/too severely break the rules/guidelines wind up in one of these states. See also: Remediation

Reserved for particularly odious, unrepentant trolls. Obviated accounts are put somewhere entirely cut off from the rest of the forum (and its accessory features) until and unless they begin to show signs of improving their behavior. Although, most likely, if an account has been Obviated, it may as well have been banned-with-prejudice...

Accounts which are particularly problematic (and/or simply nuisances like spam bots, etc) wind up banned. Banned accounts cannot whatsoever interact with the forum or its various accessory features. Depending on the circumstances, accounts may be banned for only a set period, or they may be banned permanently.

On Probation
Typically an account is "on probation" after some period spent in one the other "Remediated" states of membership. Essentially, their ability to generally post is restored, although some accessory features of the site are disabled, read-only or otherwise limited.


Sanctioned Sock
A particularly configured sort of membership reserved for the special-case of "sanctioned" Sock Puppet accounts.

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