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Link to Rules and Game Info

Next Deadline: 2015/01/07 21:30 EST (Strict)

Current Round:

Round 1
Two fatalities this week:
No critical players yet (obviously)

Dot (Deadly Moistlimpid Flompers)
ferrus (Porc Scabbings)
ACow (Curiously erogenous mango milkshakes)
msg_v2 (Llamas)
Osito Polar (Poppies)
gator (Odd socks)
LowIQLogan (Healthy disease fighting GMO Space Bananas)
Stopharian (Succulent Gunduuzian tree melons)
Hephaestus (Psychoactive durian)
C.J.Woolf (Burning Goat chili peppers)
Light Leak (Lite leeks)
oxyjen (Flowering double-pepperoni cheese pizza bush)
kitsune (Apples)
Kyuri (Kyuronflakes)
MarkovChain (Tomacco)

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