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This is about what happens to those who bend or break the Forum Rules

The Staff (each Administrator, Moderator, etc) ...
  • ... will take action in response to disruptive activity
  • ... will take action with respect to what is ~minimally necessary~ to remedy forum disruption
  • ... will treat offenders with what respect they may otherwise merit
  • ... will have a significant degree of discretion in interpreting and responding to disruptive activity, as such
  • ... may act autonomously, that is: not needing to consult with or reach consensus with other staff members
  • ... has equal, full administrative power over the forum

Types and Extents of Disruptive Activity
  • lesser infractions ("frowned upon" activity) will entail warnings formally issued to the offender
  • repeated warnings should entail a temporary banning the offender's account
  • greater infractions ("forbidden"), depending on their nature, should result a swift banning of their account, depending on the nature and degree of the observed disruptive conduct

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