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We're using the built-in "reputation" system as more of a "remarks" feature.

Unlike you may find on other forums using "reputation", there are no points and none of the rest that follow from that (ranks, titles, etc). Rather, we use it as a way to send members private "remarks" in the context of one of their posts.

Reputation comments are not a two-way conversation feature. The person who receives a remark, as such, can see it in their profile and settings pages, but otherwise have no means to "reply" directly.

It is important to note that reputation comments are not anonymous; people who receive them can see who left them.

As a matter of forum culture, there is a thread in which you may choose to post a "reply" to a reputation comment: Respond to reputation comments

If you want to have a private two-way conversation, consider using PMs (See: Private Messages).

If you want a semi-private two-way conversation, consider using Visitor Messages.

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