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A short while ago in a forum not so far away...
INTPx Wars
Oh yes.
Episode IV
The Instructions
In a time of forum migration, a new feature appeared. A little storm trooper icon in the advanced edit screen sitting to the right of a turtle.

I don't know what this will be used for, but I suspect that it will, at the very least, bring a bit of unique flare to a few tldr stories.

I made this for fun, and passed it by the other staff. Much to my delight, it has been cleared for takeoff.

As you can see, I decided to make this all about lines. Each of the first 5 lines inside the tag are mapped to the different title portions in sequence. All remaining lines are part of this scrolling message.

If you skip a line inside the tag, you skip a line here, as I just did. If you just keep typing on one line, it wraps.

The End


Just write something and wrap it in the STARWARS tag. The first 5 lines are mapped as follows, every line thereafter goes into the scrolling text:
Line 1: The blue intro message
Line 2: Main Title
Line 3: Main Subtitle
Line 4: Episode Number Title
Line 5: Episode Title Name
Line 6 to infinity: Scrolling Text

You can skip lines. If you skip line 1, there will be no blue intro message. If you skip lines on line 6 or more, you get a paragraph break in the scrolling message. Skip line 3, no main subtitle... etc...

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